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Smokin’ Ace’s mission is to provide fresh, expertly crafted smoked meats and sausages designed for delivery to the Greater Denver Area. Our handmade sausages and smoked meats, balanced with fun, nutritional sides depart from mass-produced ‘artisanal’ sausages and humdrum barbeque menus.  Created by Chef Joshua Elliott, you can taste the care and expertise in every bite.  Order through our website, our Facebook or Instagram pages, or via any delivery platform. For more information email us at ColoradosSmokeWagon@gmail.com.

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Higher Standards

Smokin’ Ace is a delivery only restaurant, specializing in handmade sausages and smoked meats, with a bistro style menu and operating on all major delivery platforms.  The centralized location at 810 Vallejo St. offers quick delivery to the majority of Metro Denver. 

Smokin’ Ace’s unique focus is expertly crafted sausages, hot dogs, and smoked meats, offering quality in a market where mass-produced sausages are presented as artisanal.  Sandwiches and sides feature fresh vegetables and distinctive flavor combinations, in contrast to traditional smoke-house formats.  Specialties include Ace’s Signature Dog, a house made, all-beef dog, the juiciest and most flavorful hotdog in town, as well as Beef Cheek Pastrami available in sandwich form, ‘The Transplant’, or by the pound, and Crazy Rice, a veggie-centric, fun, and flavorful way to balance out any meal.

Started by Joshua and Emily Elliott, Denver residents and long-time restaurant industry professionals, Smokin’ Ace is a small business dream come true, not part of a massive conglomerate.  Their pedigree from such restaurants as Guard and Grace, FNG, Beast and Bottle, and The Pig & The Sprout, and hard work are making this dream a reality. 

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